Smith Brothers Cough Drops 30 Pack Bags

Legendary drops of soothing comfort. Trusted for Generations. Since 1847.


We are America’s FIRST cough drop. And it is only through a mouthful of our luscious wild cherry, warm apple pie, black licorice or honey lemon flavored drops, that an ugly coughing man (or woman) becomes vigorous, fit and chipper.

The legend of the first cough drop in America begins in a family-owned, small-batch candy store in 1847 and continues today with soothing relief that has remedied sore throats and coughs for generations.  Smith Brothers Cough and Throat Drops are a great tasting way to find comfort when you need it.

From that first tickle in the back of your throat to a bad cough that ends up in your chest, Smith Brothers Throat and Chest Lozenges are there to soothe you for the duration. They give lasting relief for all kinds of coughs and annoying sore throats. You can benefit from this soothing sensation at any time of year. Smith Brothers also helps with itchy throats from seasonal allergies. Singers also appreciate their usefulness in daily voice care when experiencing dry and hoarse throats.

Enjoy this Blast from the Past!